Welcome to Abruzzo!

My grandparent's stories of the old country always had me dreaming of someday having a smal house in the Mountains of Abruzzo, and a few years ago I finally made that happen.  

I spend as much time in Abruzzo as I can, and I am happy to share the house with family and friends, even when I am back in Pitsburgh.   I even manage to rent the house a few times a year, and if you are planning a trip to Italy, I suggest adding Abruzzo to your itinerary. 

Why Rent this Abruzzo House? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Abruzzo is one of Italy's best places to use as a base for an extended trip.  It's unique mountain location only 50km from the Adriatic Sea provides many special advantages for travellers. It is also one fo the few regions in Italy to truly experience the four seasons.

Goriano is perfect for exploring Italy and Europe by Train and Plane (especially using Europe’s low cost carrier Ryanair) And, Goriano sits on Italy’s main East-West Rail line, so while we are a small village, we have regular and direct rail service (i.e. no train changes!) to Rome and Pescara. http://www.trenitalia.com/ With both cities servings as Ryanair hubs, we offer easy connections to RyanAir's many destinations in Europe and North Africa.

WEATHER: Goriano sits on top of a 2100 foot mountain in central Italy.  Goriano has blue skies, lots of sun, cool mornings and evenings and low humidity.

INEXPENSIVE: This one bedroom house has a full Kitchen, Laundry, internet, TV/DVD and more. For the cost of a couple days in Rome or Venice, you can spend a week or month here.  Make easy trips to the beach, Rome, a weekend in Florence, Naples, Venice or Bari, or take an overnight ferry to Croatia or south to Sicily. Leave your heavy bags, grab a backpack, and go! Great beaches, and much more and for only 10 or 20 euros! Or, if you are staying for a bit longer, consider a RYANAIR flight to London, Oslo, North Africa, Sardinia, Germany, France, Eastern Europe and many more locations. Both Rome Ciampino and Pescara Airports are close enough for a crazy-cheep weekend in Casablanca!

About Us:

My Grandparents emigrated from Goriano Sicoli in 1906 and settled in West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania where a number of Gorinese families had settled earlier. In fact, Cleveland, Ohio has a Gorinese Club that still meets regularly. I decided a few years ago that Goriano was a prefect place to look for an Italian house. My oldest son lives in Rome and I still have many cousins in Goriano — which makes taking care of the house and renting it from time to time much easier. I am only an hour away form the Pescara Beach. Pescara is on the Adriatic Sea and Abruzzo’s largest city. It is a modern city of 100,000 people and one of the Adriatic’s nicest beaches. We are also only a little more than 2 hours from Rome by train and he regional train ride is only 8 Euro. Driving to Rome is faster, but gas and tolls make the train a better choice and less stressful than dealing with a car while in Rome. I typically use the house in the Spring and Fall, and rent it most weeks in the summer, which is the high rental season for Goriano and Abruzzo in general. Roman families, descendants of Goriano families that have moved to the cities, and northern European tourists like vacationing in Goriano for the dry and cool weather. Abruzzo is also a nice ski destination with a dozen or so ski resorts within an hour drive. Spring Skiing in the Campo Felice Ski area near L'Aquila is my favorite, although the Roccaroso and other mountains are bigger. http://skiabruzzo.com/

Contact: Nick Rossi - 1.412.980.2832 (39) 366.356.4620 NiccoloRosso@yahoo.com ​